A Guide to Making an Informed Decision

We are living longer but the retirement age really hasn’t changed. Most senior adults are experiencing a two-part retirement. During the first retirement we are done working, whew! As the clock continues to tick and birthdays keep coming our focus shifts to safety and health as we enter into our 2nd Retirement. We want to continue to live in our own home but sometimes that isn’t always an option due to our growing needs. That is where an assisted living in Winston Salem, NC can help.

Moving a parent or loved on into assisted living can be a difficult and emotional decision for everyone involved. If your loved one is exhibiting signs that living at home is no longer benefiting them it may be time to consider assisted living. Here is some information to help you and your loved one make a more informed decision regarding assisted care.


Over 11 million seniors live alone in their homes and a recent study shows that loneliness increases the odds of them developing dementia by 64%. While living in an assisted living facility that offers social interaction through activities and hobbies greatly benefits a person’s quality of life. 94% of assisted living residents say they are happy with their overall quality of life.


For those adults over 65 cooking healthy balanced meals on a consistent basis can be very difficult and in some cases it can lead to malnutrition. A poor diet along with missing needed medications can be concerning to your loved ones and often leads to the reason for moving senior adults into assisted care. Living at an assisted living community offers easy access to nutritious meals and foods. Most communities can also help with dispensing the right medication at the appropriate times. 90% of assisted living residents say that they are pleased with the quality of care they receive.


Senior adults over the age of 65 are more likely to suffer trauma from a fall while doing daily tasks. One in three adults over 65 fall each year. These falls often lead to visits to the hospital and even death. Senior adults living in an assisted living community find support with daily tasks and 93% of them say they are satisfied with the level of personal attention that receive from staff.

Peace of Mind

Assisted living communities provide safety and almost 100% of assisted living residents say they feel completely safe. Over half of those living at home feel too afraid to even walk outside at night. Living in an assisted living in Winston Salem, NC can bring peace of mind to you and your family.

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