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What are the Best Gifts for Assisted Living Residents

Are you unsure what type of gift is appropriate for a loved one in a facility for assisted living in Winston Salem? Birthdays and other holidays like Christmas can present a challenge because you want to give them something useful that also won’t crowd their living space. Here are some gift ideas that meet those... View Article

Why Assisted Living Is Better Than Living Alone

Many seniors dread the thought of moving into a facility for assisted living in Winston Salem NC. They fight their family members for the right to stay in their homes as long as they can. It makes sense. After all, many people feel they lose their independence and dignity when they move into a senior... View Article

How to Convince Mom & Dad It’s Time to Move to Assisted Living

It’s one of the most difficult decisions an adult faces – moving their elderly parent into a Winston-Salem assisted living facility. Many adult children dread even discussing the issue for fear of meeting with sharp resistance. So how do worried family members convince a resistant parent that moving into a long-term care facility is in... View Article

Questions To Ask When Searching for Assisted Living

Finding trusted information on assisted living facilities isn’t an easy task. Reviews and statistics can be hard to find. So where do you find the information needed to make an informed decision for you or your family member? Here is a list of question that will guide you on how to search for assisted living.... View Article

Moving and Settling in to Senior Care

Moving can be emotionally hard for seniors especially when it is because of a life change. The act of moving can also seem overwhelming. If your loved on is moving to a Winston Salem assisted living facility your participation is crucial. Here are some suggestions that may help to make the transition an easier one.... View Article

How to Talk to Mom or Dad When They Don’t Want Help

Aging is inevitable. We all grow older even though most of us fight it tooth and nail. Our aging loved ones don’t want to believe they are getting older even though you may notice they now need help with simple daily activities. Here are a few approaches to talking to your mom and dad about... View Article

A Guide to Making an Informed Decision

We are living longer but the retirement age really hasn’t changed. Most senior adults are experiencing a two-part retirement. During the first retirement we are done working, whew! As the clock continues to tick and birthdays keep coming our focus shifts to safety and health as we enter into our 2nd Retirement. We want to... View Article

Color Therapy for Your Assisted Living Apartment

Did you know that simply changing the colors on your walls at home or your accent colors can affect your mood, feelings and overall well-being? If you or a loved one is moving into a Winston Salem, NC assisted living room or just wanting to add a little personality to your room, color is a... View Article