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10 Decorating Tips for Assisted Living

1. You want you loved one’s room to feel like home so bring what is important. Pictures of loved ones, mementos, special blanket, books, etc. It is important to avoid clutter. Donate or gift the items that your loved one chooses not to keep. Consider Your Space Make sure you and your loved one have... View Article

Books About Senior Living & Housing

Nearly one sixth of the U.S. population are senior citizens and with the Baby Boomer generation starting to reach retirement age that number will grown substantially. In the next 20 years almost 10,000 Baby Boomers will reach the age 65 daily which means by the year 2050 there will be 89 million senior citizens in... View Article

10 Things to Consider About Mental Health and Aging

Did you know that one in five aging adults experience mental health concerns that are not associated with aging, according to the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors? Common mental health concerns in aging adults are anxiety or mood disorders including depression. These types of disorders respond well to medication but unfortunately many of these... View Article

Making Assisted Living Feel More Like Home for Parents

Change is rarely welcomed but it can be especially hard the older we get. As we age we are forced to make pretty dramatic changes due to illnesses, death, and physical needs. As a result you may be considering moving into assisted living. Leaving home to move into assisted living can be a daunting thought.... View Article

Questions to Ask on an Assisted Living Community Tour

The holidays are upon us, which means spending extended time with friends and family. This is a wonderful time to catch up with your loved ones as well make new memories. During your time with them you may notice some changes that would lead you to consider scheduling a tour at one of the assisted... View Article


The residents at Vienna Village have always thought their flower gardens were award worthy and now they are living up to the reputation! At the Dixie Classic Fair, our dahlias won two honorable mention ribbons. Two years ago, our owner, James Lowe, wanted a dahlia garden planted at Vienna Village. Since dahlias are one of... View Article

Tips and Techniques to Assist Loved Ones With Memory Loss

Do you have a family member in an assisted living community in Winston Salem dealing with mild to moderate memory loss? Communicating with a loved one with memory loss can be very challenging. There are some ways you can help manage the situation all while improving your loved one’s quality of life. Here are some... View Article

Assisted Living -Is It Right For Your Loved One?

If you or a loved one is trying to determine if moving to an assisted living community in Winston Salem is the right choice, ask yourself the following questions: 1. Do you require more help than a family member or friend can provide? When day-to-day activities have become too much for you to handle and... View Article