Focusing On What Matters When Shopping for an Assisted Living Community


So now that you and your loved one have agreed that Assisted living in Winston Salem, NC is a fit for your situation. It is important to rethink the daily and on-going needs of your loved one.

As a son or daughter you may still see your aging parent or loved one as the person they once were and they may view themselves the same as well. The once strong-minded, sharp dresser and great golfer may now be dealing with dementia and arthritis. Issues similar to these will progressively get worse, which means they will need excellent on-going care. This being one of the main reasons you are looking at Assisted living in Winston Salem, NC.

Joan Lunden, former Good Morning America news anchor described a similar situation in her book, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Family Caregivers. In it she describes how she searched for a new home for her mother who has advanced dementia.

“I first moved my mom into a fancy-schmancy assisted living facility. In my mind, it was a beautiful place where my mom belonged. I thought she would be able to go downstairs to the dining room and be a social butterfly with other Sacramento seniors and then retreat to a beautifully decorated apartment where she could entertain friends. The problem with my well-meaning plan was that I was making arrangements for the mom that I used to know, and not who she had become. My mom now couldn’t remember who people were, would get frightened when taken downstairs to the dining hall, and was afraid of being left alone in an apartment.”

So instead of being focused on closet size and the latest décor really pay attention to the things that really matter.

  • Kind and responsive care givers
  • High staff-to-resident ratio
  • Clean and friendly environment
  • Excellent assisted care

Look for facilities like, Vienna Village Assisted Living in Winston Salem, NC that values touching the lives of their residents in a positive way and giving families peace of mind.

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