Pfafftown NC Assisted Living

He’s doing great here since he moved, much better than he was living on his own and it’s just a great peace of mind for us…I think he’s doing much better here than he was for the last two or three years trying to live on his own. The thing that impresses me most about Vienna Village is the family atmosphere, the caring staff, the cleanliness.  I think you’ll not find better care, a more adequate staff- to-patient ratio, and the food is good.  It’s a great place to be.  We made the right choice.  We’re sure of that.”    Rick M.

Well, the first thing was the staff, the friendly staff, the admissions director, the owners; we met with them and no high pressure, just a home atmosphere that people cared for who they were bringing in.  They looked after my mother for 10 1/2 years….Even toward the end, the very end, they were kind and considerate and they were feeding her and holding her and towards the end she would try the patience of some of the most patient people, but the folks here were patient, and they were nice and kind.”  John M.

(Something that) impresses me is that every staff member here knows my mother’s first and last name and they always greet her.  If I have her in her wheelchair walking her through the halls, (they) take the time to talk to her, and she cannot carry on a conversation with them.  Yet, they take the time to stop and speak to her and this is all the staff members.  It’s not just those who work on her hall or work with her daily.  I’m very confident with the care that she gets here.  I feel good.  It’s excellent care and I know that if anything happened to her, they would be on the phone calling my dad immediately… we just feel so confident with my mom here and my dad is probably one of the pickiest people in the world and he likes it here.”  Virginia L.

Other families should know that this is definitely one of the places they want to come and look at if they are even considering putting one of their loved ones in an assisted living environment.  They owe that to themselves because they don’t know the difference.  There’s a huge difference between this facility and the other facilities that I have been in in this town.” Virginia L.