Questions to Ask on an Assisted Living Community Tour

The holidays are upon us, which means spending extended time with friends and family. This is a wonderful time to catch up with your loved ones as well make new memories. During your time with them you may notice some changes that would lead you to consider scheduling a tour at one of the assisted living community in Winston Salem.

When visiting potential communities plan enough time to tour the facility, grounds as well as speaking with the residents. Here are some questions and things to observe while touring the assisted living community in Winston Salem of your choice.


  • How many homes or units are there?
  • How many are available?
  • Can we see specific spaces?
  • What are the general visiting hours?
  • Are the visiting hours broken down by type of residence?
  • Is there a waiting list and how long may it take to be accepted?

The Grounds and Facility

  • Are your loved one’s Doctors close?
  • Is the facility and grounds well maintained and easy to navigate?
  • Are there conveniences such as grocery stores, cleaners, and a shopping mall close to the community?
  • Is there a hospital nearby?
  • Is there transit available?
  • Is it wheel chair accessible?

Staff and Community

  • Do you feel welcomed when entering?
  • Is the main office easy to find?
  • Is the staff professional and happy to help?
  • What credentials do staff members’ hold?
  • What is the hiring procedure for staff, doctors and nurses?
  • Are staff, doctors and nurses required to take continuing education classes?
  • What hours do facility administrators work?

The Residents

  • Do residents seem happy and well cared for?
  • Are residents social and interacting with one another?
  • If are able to talk to current residents ask them the following question:
    1. How long have you lived here?
    2. How do you like living here?
    3. How is the care?
    4. Is the staff attentive?
    5. Are the Doctors and Nurses helpful?


  • Do the housing options meet your loved one’s needs?
  • Are there different floor plans and are there single- and double occupancy homes available?
  • Do residents have laundry, dishwasher, full kitchens and individual thermostats?
  • Is there ample light and are rooms and common areas equipped with sprinkler systems and emergency exits?
  • Is each residence equipped with handicap bars, non-slip floors and other safety features?
  • Do multi-level residences have elevators?
  • Can rooms/homes be painted? Are there decorating rules?
  • How is security addressed in each type of facility?
  • Is resident rooms’ cable-ready and are they wired for telephone service?
  • Are utilities included?
  • Is parking available to residents?
  • Are pets allowed?

Meals and Meal Programs

  • Do the assisted living facilities offer group meals in a common dining area and/or in-room meal programs?
  • What about residents who have special dietary needs?
  • Can residents make special requests?
  • How many entrée choices are offered daily?
  • Are snacks included in any of the meal plans?
  • Can guests dine in with their loved ones? If so, is there a fee?
  • Ask to see a sample of a month’s menus to see how meals are changed up.

Sit in on a meal to experience the food and atmosphere.

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